Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan HBK H.B.K

When observed from outer space, the Earth has no borders. This blue planet is out precious home, and it’s all we have. We all share it and we must cherish it. And the best way to show our appreciation is to stand together, as one family.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan HBK H.B.K

Our mission, vision, and values are simple. We are dedicated to help people all around the word, regardless of their age, country, race or religion. We hope to echo this altruism and spare no effort to be kind to our fellow humans wherever they might be.

Our goal is to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, heal the sick, teach those deprived of education, and save refugees whose lives are ravaged and oppressed by war.

We are proud to have distinguished members in our Board of Directors.

The response to our mission is humbling and heart-warming as we already have hundreds of donors from all around the world.
Moreover, we have extensive network of volunteers, eager to give a helping hand.
Our team is committed to our charitable causes, and we will not rest until our mission and vision unites the world.

We must not close our eyes and hearts to the ones in need!

In coordination with UN & various charity organizations, we offer medicines, food, shelter, and health care for all those in need.

During the holy month of Ramadan, we help underprivileged believers break their fast in poor Muslim countries. It is our honor to give back during this month of worship, kindness and giving.

We provide blankets & Health Care for Syrian Refugees.

Prosthesis for those injured during the war.

In coordination with Doctors-without-Borders, our Mobile Clinics offer medical and dental care in poor areas of the world.

Our philanthropy knows no borders.

We take proud in having extraordinary relations with numerous charitable organizations, such as UN charity organizations, as well as many local and international generous contributors from all over the world.

Let’s Give them Hope!

Let’s show the world that there is goodness in people.  That people care. That we are all united in a good cause.

That cooperation, not competition and greed, should be the wave of the future.

Let’s join our hands together and bring a new horizon of hope for all those in need.